Coca-Cola Doesn’t Need a Halftime Show

By Erin Lattimer

For years the debate has been Coke verses Pepsi. Which is actually better? Research demonstrates that Coca-Cola has control over the soft drink market in past years. However, Pepsi has recently been attempting to combat that by again sponsoring the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

This year’s show featured a well-received Lady Gaga and had fans talking of the performance for days after it aired.

But did Pepsi’s attempt to boost their traffic through Super Bowl sponsorship really work? Google Trends data suggests that while Pepsi received a spike in web searches for their product the day after the Super Bowl, Coca-Cola still received more of the total share of searches.


Google Trends data comparing searches for Coca-Cola verses Pepsi. Source.

This proves interesting since Coca-Cola only presented a one-minute ad during the game verses Pepsi’s sponsorship of the entire half time performance. Despite more airtime, a live celebrity performance, and multiple announcements of the brand name, Pepsi still fell short in search returns to Coca-Cola.

Nevertheless it should also be noted that there are definitely other factors of the ad campaigns and products that may have influenced the Google Trends data. Web searches may also not fully capture the return that both Pepsi and Coca-Cola received from their Super Bowl investments.

So is it really worth it for Pepsi to continually spend so much money on sponsoring the Half Time Show every year? Share your opinion in the poll and comments section below!


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