Valentine’s Gifts: Flowers vs. Chocolate

By Erin Lattimer

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and many times that comes with the dilemma: What gift should I get? In recent years Americans have spent approximately $18 billion on Valentine’s Day gifts of all sorts. What could Americans possibly have spent this on?

A survey suggests that flowers and chocolate or candy are two of the most popular gift choices for the holiday every year. These are traditionally the first types of gifts that may cross one’s mind when deciding on purchasing something special.

Not surprisingly, based on Google Trends data, the days surrounding Valentine’s Day are some one of (if not) the most popular days to search for flowers and chocolates. The graph below showcases the number of searches for flowers to chocolate and clearly demonstrates the peaks in the items’ popularity right around the February 14 date.


A Google Trends graph comparing the number of search results of flowers and chocolate. Source.

However, an interesting note is chocolate’s apparent dominance over flowers in web searches since the aforementioned survey claims flowers to be the more popular gift (at least among males). So is chocolate really the better gift for Valentine’s Day? Or do more folks search for chocolate online because it is harder to find quality candy in stores when you can pick up a bouquet of flowers from the grocery on your way home from work? Share your opinion in the poll and comments as well as if you think there is really one item that makes the best Valentine’s Day gift!


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